Creating a solid 808 track with bounce is key to most mainstream music these days. Unfortunately there are only a handful of instruments that will play back 808s correct and the Deluge is one of them.

How to create a playable 808:

  1. Get a pack of 808 samples. (I will include some at the end)
  2. Open a project (can be new, doesn’t matter)
  3. Hit “Shift+Synth” to create a new synth
  4. Push in on the main encoder (The one you use to change songs+patches)
  5. When in the menus select “OSC1 >Type>SAMP” ( this will allow oscillator 1 to play samples)
  6. After selecting “SAMP”, scroll over 2 and select “file”
  7. Select the 808 sample you chose from your SD card.
  8. Press any of the green “launch” pads to exit back to the main page.
  9. Now if you play the audition pads you should hear the 808 sample being played and tuned to the note (Best to use 808s that are in the key of C)
  10. Turn up the release to the desired level
  11. Hold a “launch” pad and click on Polyphony (2nd row from bottom, 8th step.) -> select Legato or Mono


If you want some more spice on the 808s try these.

Glides: Increase portamento to ~20, Mono must be selected in Polyphony. (Port is located at bottom row, 8th step, same process as step 11)

Crunch: Add Saturation – WILL INCREASE VOLUME! TURN DOWN THE SYNTH FIRST! (Top row 7th step, same process as step 11)

Bass Boost: Adjust “Bass” to 30 and “treble” to 17 (Pad are second row from top and 11th and 12th pads.) -> Don’t over do this, it will ruin your mix.

Hopefully this will help you in creating some nice 808 tracks!

Samples to get you going: