I have been using the Mixer 8 for a couple months now and I feel it is time to give it a proper review.

In the box: Mixer 8, 3.5mm to XLR adapter, power cord, micro USB cable


8 Channels of input, 4 – 3.5mm and 4 – 1/4in inputs, 2 – stereo outputs, headphone output, USB MIC Out

Each channel has different “features” on the channel.

Channel 1: Supposed to be the Mic channel, selectors for 48v and 1.5v supported
Channel 2: Bluetooth connectivity, connect a media source via bluetooth
Channel 3: Turn Table, support for NOR
Channel 4: Basic Input, L-R Balance, LINE/MIC Gain
Channel 5/6: Basic Input, L-R Balance, LINE/MIC Gain
Channel 7/8: Basic Input, L-R Balance, LINE/MIC Gain

All the Options!


The sound out of this mixer is interesting to say the least. At low volumes it sounds perfect with almost no coloring or distortion. Once you start pushing the drive up it does add a color to the sound. This isn’t a bad thing however, the drive adds a nice crunch to heavy 808s that sounds very unique. I like to think of this like an Analog Sausage Fattener, (If you don’t know what that is get it: http://www.dadalife.com/sausage-fattener/) if you turn up the volume you can get some really stylish sounds out of it. If you turn it down, it sounds normal with almost no color at all.

Daily Use:

I have been using this mixer on and off for a couple months now and I will say it is very impressive for it’s size. It makes routing sounds from pocket operators or 3.5mm only equipment super easy and combining it with other synths that are 1/4in is a breezy. Have had nothing but good experiences from using this mixer and I have contemplated getting another and connecting them together to expand my ports. If I had to nitpick one thing it would be the faders are very sensitive, meaning they can change the volume super quick if you aren’t careful, but I think it half my fault due to sausage fingers. Even though the faders are sensitive, I love the size and portability. It makes packing a mixer into your bag 100% easier than my old mickie.

Studio Use:

The reason that this mixer is especially powerful is that it acts as a microphone input when you connect it to your computer via USB. When I found this out it blew me away and totally expanded the capabilities of my studio setup. Since it acts as a mic, it allows you to still use your audio interface for output, or use ASIO to get better latency on Windows. I have been using this as my main recording input for music creation as well as gaming. As a studio streaming device, you can adjust microphone levels, mute, and add effects on the fly if you stream on twitch or do record podcasts. It acts as a regular microphone so anything that goes into it comes to your PC as a MIC input. This makes it super easy to collaborate on music over discord or video calls because it is a all in one device.


Overall, I am very happy with this mixer. Coming in at ~$130 it really is one of the best in this price range for features and portability. I was pleasantly surprised by the recording ability into the PC and will end up using this for a long time in and out of music.

Amazon link: https://amzn.to/31j7ghF