I have been using the Deluge more and more over the past month and one of the coolest features that I have discovered is the ability to auto slice samples. You can either slice a single sample into multiple parts, or take all the samples in a folder and quickly load them into the drum slots on the Deluge.

How To Slice Samples:

Single Sample:

  • Create a new Kit ( Shift + Kit)
  • Navigate to a Sample you want to chop (Drum Loops can make very spicy Lofi Hits)
  • Push down on the select Knob on the sample and select Slice
  • It will then display a number (16) that is how many parts that the sample will be split into
  • Select the number of parts and press the select knob again, this will load all the chops in

All Samples in Folder: (Good for drum one shot folders)

  • Create a new Kit ( Shift + Kit)
  • Navigate to the folder you want to load
  • Push down on select knob and select ALL
  • All samples will be loaded into the drum slots automagically


  • After loading all the parts of single samples, It helps to add a slight bit of attack/release to each sample to make them flow together better.
  • Vocal chop loops are great for making the Chill Vibes.